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Tree of Dreams

This was my humble attempt writing for a prompt from Bluebell Books regarding Children’s Literature.  The image prompt was a child with a small sapling.  But as you can see, the tree grew, as children do. 
Sways in the wind, tall supple trees
dance, leaves shadow the ribbed white bark
long graceful limbs play with the breeze
the distant call of meadow lark
Hidden by earth, the roots reach out
in the valley of mountain high
quenching a thirst of summer drought
absorbs the cooling spring close by
Sometimes known as the tree of dreams
the willow dances with the moon 
her magic seen in silver streams
enchanted light by night in June
All that is seen, one should believe
in dreams where children do fly free
it depends on how you perceive
the gift from the tall willow tree


-TheMsLvh © 2011
image source: Science Photo Library 
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