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Bewilderment – a Sonnet

I slept on sand within your sweet embrace
the warmth your skin emits entices me
I lost perception of all time and space
as waves of your soft voice invite the sea
Horizon glowed with sparks of fireworks
the flash of light emblazoned your deep eyes
you canvassed landscapes on my soft bare perks
and felt rewarded by your captured prize
Bewildered silent words that could not say
those thoughts which left us fearing danger zone
a road not certain in this game of play
to take a risk with love and not postpone
Bewilderment excites within you deep
and leaves me longing you on this blind leap
– TheMsLvh © 2011

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I received an award from for this Sonnet from:
  The Perfect Poet Award of Poets Rally Week 48  located at  Promising Poets’ Poetry Cafe


The honor is mine

My poem was received well

Thank you for reading

I would like to nominate  CC Champagne

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