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Clinging White Sand

Caught in the dune’s forever shifting sand
white grains shimmer the mirage distant far
ocean winds cavort over moonscape land
as shadows deepen exposing night’s star
Fine sand clings to the craving untouched skin
so gently brushed off by your love’s monsoon
was this the catalyst; a beginning?
hidden deep within the barren white dunes
Vanilla ice cream, ripple smoothing down
endless curves of white – the blowing sand shifts
seamlessly, blended by nature’s blue, drown
the time – ignored vistas of carving drifts
Summer warmth heals the soul locked in winter
a tear of joy rains down on thirsty land
did we find each other in life’s splinter?
As you brushed away the clinging white sand
-TheMsLvh © 2011

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