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Politician’s Sonnet

A northern breeze ignites a raging storm;
exposing cloaked deceptions in my head –
dark ebullition of emotions churn.
Malaise surrounds my vessel to conform;
those fervent pleas -the trunk of your words said.
The residue: your shallow truth will stain
and sweep away my heart – ablaze to burn.
Black clouds of spoken dust rehearsed to swarm;
enrage my thoughts –integrity is dead.
Words matter – sober truth is what I yearn;
regardless if lies bring unyielding pain.
Protect me not; your tales pulsate my skin.
Evading truth – your spin will never gain
my fervid heart – not credulous within.
☮TheMsLvh © 2011
Google Image – The Faceless Politian

ebullition – a seething or overflowing, as a passion or feeling
credulous – gullible
fervid – intensely passionate; ardent

submitted – dVerse and Sunday Whirl #19

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Can You Relate? (rant)

I am so out of rhythm
         And so out of rhyme
I don’t even know the time!
I just draw a blank
         My words are at a loss
How do I get my thoughts across?
My muse has run away
         I hope not for long
What has gone wrong?
Was it the lack of sleep
         Or the daily stress of life?
Whatever it is, I’ll cut with a knife
Writing is my drug of choice
          I am in the throes of withdrawal
Words are trapped and want out…
         That’s all.


-TheMsLvh 7-29-11
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