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Mother’s Day: Of Course You Would Call

So guarded, I answered the phone
as it was mother’s special day
not yet a word since he had flown
did that incident made him grow?
all was well when he threw that stone
deciding to leave me alone
with gnarly cut I could not stop
the bleeding, like a butcher’s chop.

Hesitating, I said hello
heart pounding fast, skipping a beat
air left the room, so hard to breath
asked,” On this fine day, how are you?”
answered, “Thank you, I’m fine indeed.”
knowing you, I would not concede
and ever admit to the bleed
nor would I reduce to anger
I knew that it would only feed.

Room closed in, dark edge in my eyes
straining lungs begging for some life
I listened to his hopeful lies
with his goal to be wanted back in
manipulate with skillful knife
a skill he owns, honed on my soul
true rebellion his only goal.

But of course, I knew he would call
so friendly on that mother’s day
when hearts reminiscing the pain
vulnerable voice, strong though I stay
he spoke announcing his campaign
testing the waters under bridge.

Wild racing thoughts;  yet I constrain
nor did I ask him to explain.

-TheMsLvh 5-8-11 © 2011

*oh, the memories!*

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