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I Found a Page on Facebook

Today, I found a page on Facebook
Westside (Los Angeles) Kids of the 70’s
Lost in time – taking a look
Reminiscing days – could write a book!

People from all over posting memories
some forgotten and many remain
Oh! the fun we had growing up
all linked by the same chain.

What have I been doing all these years?
slowly losing my childhood dreams
Being swallowed up with adult fears
bound by expected regimes.

Today, I found a page on Facebook
in an hour my world changed
By recalling the past – brightened the future
healing my heart with a simple suture.

Now, looking at life through eyes I lost.
Hurray! I’m Back! My past I crossed.

-TheMsLvh ©2011 5-14-11

Photo source unknown (Century City, Ca.)

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