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The Magician

   He is slick and intentionally mysterious,
his magic should be taken extremely serious.
Slight of hand to the untrained eye,
even virtuous women would be mystified.
       Innocence nourishes his ultimate lie.

   Untold secrets held close to vest,
aroused laughter, amused, you are his guest.
Reluctantly, picking a card, choosing the best
from the spread of the Magician’s tattered deck.
       Throwing caution to the wind, “What the heck?”

   Vigilant eyes scintillate the dark of night,
elevating senses by the moment’s excite.
Blinding the deer with beam of headlights;
dazed confusion feeding his addicted delights.
       Raising his thrill to monumental heights.

   Trickery his game, merely views you the fool
desire to believe, though, you are just his tool.
Intoxicated by the masked perception,
keenly skilled art of deception. 
       An illusory feat from its conception.

   Smooth lacquered cane emblematic of his trade,
waving it freely, enhancing the charade.
Victims soon forgotten on his wizardly trail,
restoring equilibrium to his inner scales.
       Enlisting deceit, his shenanigans prevail.

   Weaving versed spells across the land,
beware the effect of this mystical hand.
A traveler, a mystic, armed with cunning art
coursing a path embellished with wounded hearts.
       Upon magic, into the wind, he inexplicably departs.


☮TheMsLvh © 2011

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artist: bensound

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