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Lesson Relearned – sonnet

Blue china broken on the floor
its’ tiny pieces scattered cost
Symbolic price for all love lost
as I watch you walk out the door
and leave behind a shattered heart
of broken dreams of what you did
allowed your mother’s heart be shredded
just take your things and quickly part.
And for once again I shall heal
replace old bandage which came loose
deceit and lies brought me to kneel
the heartache of tears runs profuse
Away you run, your deeds concealed
spin your tales of secret misuse.
☮TheMsLvh © 2012
image source: Google images
submitted to Poets United

I Must Surrender- rondeau redoublé

I must surrender the mind’s hold,
let go the blaze trapped in my head.
Times have changed. Leaving misty old
perceptions of what is, now dead.
Raised independent – so inbred,
to never swallow what was told.
To always question – not be led,
I must surrender the mind’s hold.
Events have changed my journey’s road;
the day I flew but fell instead.
All my dreams dying – turning cold –
let go the blaze trapped in my head.
I never feared what lay ahead,
those days of youth brought suns of gold;
so quick to alter by moon’s end,
Times have changed. Leaving misty old
faint memories pulled from the void.
Of better days where I transcend –
to grasp a breath and long behold
perceptions of what is, now dead.
Succumb to pain, I hide in bed;
heal mind and body, feel controlled.
New dreams will come a doctor said  –
relax and breath and let unfold.
I must surrender.
☮TheMsLvh © 2011
Image Courtesy of DiegoUnspire

*Technically speaking a rondeau redoublé is made of six quatrains ended by a hemistich (of exactly the same type as the one in the rondeau form, and built on the first verse as well). The 24 verses, 4 of which are found twice (in the first stanza and as endings of stanzas 2-5) all belong to only two rhyme groups, the tricky scheme of this form is:


Awake in Nightmares – Sonnet

There’s no one in the control room;
directing any flame of light.
Dark shadows ready to consume;
the mindless empty of the flight.
Unable to escape the doom –
foreboding thoughts tied up in fright.
Old premonitions come alive –
alerting mind’s eye to survive.
Exotic faces lay in wait,
beyond the sound of voiceless screams –
releasing shivers down the spine.
Deep crevices in eyes dilate;
erasing lines from truth or dreams –
caught in the spiral of decline.
These are vibrations cursed in hate,
that rupture ears allowing streams
of bloody red to desecrate;
and split what is real at the seams.
Awake within the nightmare’s gate
unleashing fears of wild extremes.


Never Forget!

☮TheMsLvh © 2011
Image: Courtesy of Google Image

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