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Mr. T & Ms. Tilly

Every night around the hour of ten
the dogs awake and the havoc begins.
At the door with a bark and howl
with an occasional deep guttural growl.
What lurks in the darkness do they see
that turns them into panicked banshees?
Excitement rises when I finally open the door
out they go running, sprinting on all four.
I peer though the window hoping to find
a striped  giraffe or something of the kind.
Perhaps a spotted zebra covered in gold
or even a dragon told in stories of old.
Hues of grey between white and black
it must be shadows, color vision they lack.
Could it be something even more sinister
like a ghost or goblin, should I call a minister?
They circle the yard and stop in their place
hoping to find anything to pounce or chase.
Noses in the air and tails waggle with delight
Hunters they have become in the dead of night.
Still at the window, I watch and giggle
as the little one has a funny wiggle.
Body like a torpedo on short little legs
hound dog eyes that love to beg.
The larger of the two is a fright to see
if you are somewhere you should not be.
He is smart and proud – very protective
would certainly make for a good detective.
After scoping the yard and did not find
anything that was vicious or even unkind.
They alertly sit in the center of the yard
loving the feeling of being on guard.
The amazing attribute these dogs share
is the love for me their hearts willingly bare.
That they would rush to risk their life or limb
on a hunch or some unexplained canine whim.
They keep me safe from dangers they sense
from all the little critters behind the fence.
I sleep soundly knowing I have defenders
to scare off zebras, giraffes, and tiny offenders.
-TheMsLvh  © 2011

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