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Distance Love

Stepping outside my door to the sun
leaves fall one by one
sky so blue that it reminds me of you
eyes the deepest blue
though my daily life seems to carry on
I hold you deep within my beating heart
it is you written about in this song
even though we are miles and miles apart.

Crimson the color of the setting sun
and although the long day is almost done
I cannot remember a single thought
or a feeling that did involve you not
you are in my life and my dreams last night
and sparking the love deep within my soul
throughout the day I dream the words to say
to you,  I give of my life and  heart whole.

Stars shine bright against darkness of night
moon poised high above
as I close my eyes softly dreaming of
us, wishing you were here with me tonight.
so I’ll count the days and nights you’re away
in the emerald city of your home
sitting on my porch with my mountain oaks
dreams of  love evoked.

– TheMsLvh  ‘83 © copyright 2011 *revised 7-10-11

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