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Conflict of Thoughts


A blank page in front of me lies,
desire to write visions of thine eyes.
Feelings that have come and painfully gone,
flit in my mind like the words of a song.
The question is where to start, what to write,
how far back through the many, many nights.
Words of passionate love or tears of fear,
confusing the heart; Oh! pain is so near.
Do I write of love, tenderness and joy
or write of deception, sorrow and coy?
Torn between the two in limbo I hang,
makes me feel my mind is going insane.
Thoughts of love feel good yet the anger blinds.
Which way do I turn?
What words could I find?
To write of love’s passion that’s been cut deep,
challenge to express on paper, blood seeps.
Love is the answer, yet tainted by fear.
Doubt is the apex, nothing is quite clear.
To scribe of happiness is my true goal
and use tender words which can heal my soul.
Yet shadows of feelings; dark and despair,
at times so tight it’s hard to breath the air.
Staring at this page with thoughts in abstract,
understanding love is the healing act.
I dream the phrase to write on this long night,
compelling words to mend and lend insight.

-TheMsLVH     © copyright  3-11-2011 *revised 5-25-2011 *revised 7-9-2011
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