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Amphitrite – Sailor’s Sonnet

*Amphitrite– Ἀμφιτρίτη – [am-fi-trahy-tee]
The goddess queen of the sea, wife of Lord Poseidon. Amphitrite was the goddess who spawned the sea’s rich bounty–fish and shellfish–as well as dolphins, seals and whales.
The sailor’s story told from long ago –
a Maiden bravely swims through winds of force;
her essence glided free where trade winds blow.
Inside her ocean currents, set a course –
to spread abundance within water’s flow,
exploding life to spread true nature’s source.
Exquisite sunset hues in cloudless skies,
above her depths of cold – a sailor flies.
Beneath secluded shores of distant lore,
soft melodies entwine the ocean’s tide –
white frosted tips on swells of lapis blue.
Grey whales surrender waters – breaching soar;
to kiss the moon – igniting stars collide.
Amazing glory – sailor’s brilliant view.
Sweet Goddess, Amphitrite, we implore;
allow the Shepard’s moon hold safe our ride.
Deliver us upon your distant shore –
take not into your arms where you reside.
For you have charmed so many men before –
within your ink of darkness – sailors hide.
☮TheMsLvh © 2011
Image provided by and submitted to Imaginary Garden with Read Toads also Poets United – dVerse – The Poetry Palace 
The sonetto rispetto is a specialized form of poetry related to the more well-known sonnet. It was created and popularized in Italy during the historical period known as the Renaissance (14th to 17th centuries C.E.)
 A sonetto rispetto has 8 lines of iambic pentameter in the first stanzas, in a rhyme scheme of  a b a b a b c c. The following two stanzas have 6 lines with a slightly different rhyming scheme.
This form was used for composing improvised folk music using popular tunes, and the subject matter was usually an address of love from a gentleman to a lady.
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