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for the Love of Humanity -redux

Dew laden palms hang under midnight glow

reflecting lunar diamonds off green spears.


soft evening breeze brings forth a dancing flow  

small shocks of light reflect within each tear


which falls to earth 


its high collective perch 

one small drop at a time


cascading journeys sliding southward bound

night’s swirling mist create pools on the ground


and with each teardrop’s tiny splash 

an echoed cry through smoke and flash


turquoise tattered butterflies stop to view

as clouds dissipate with sun’s mourning dew


the path is dangerous but clear

yet they hear the world’s voice

 and know they’re near


the shifting paradigm of consciences

will let the light shine on all injustice


be free brave little butterflies 

take your wings and expose the lies


the soul of the earth has

been assaulted with bombs and gas


for the love of humanity 

lay down arms of insanity


a global evolution has begun

What a unique time to be in the sun.



☮TheMsLvh © 2012

submitted to dVerse

Creative Commons License
California Ink In Motion by TheMsLvh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

Lesson Relearned – sonnet

Blue china broken on the floor
its’ tiny pieces scattered cost
Symbolic price for all love lost
as I watch you walk out the door
and leave behind a shattered heart
of broken dreams of what you did
allowed your mother’s heart be shredded
just take your things and quickly part.
And for once again I shall heal
replace old bandage which came loose
deceit and lies brought me to kneel
the heartache of tears runs profuse
Away you run, your deeds concealed
spin your tales of secret misuse.
☮TheMsLvh © 2012
image source: Google images
submitted to Poets United
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