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Drifting Away – lyrics

When I close my eyes – it’s you I see
Our love is all I need
With you in my life, my world is right
In my arms, I’ll hold you tight.

The shadows and light of our love
Will surely make you see
That our love is all you really need
Till the dawn’s early sleep.

Drifting away with our love in flight
Teaching each other what’s right through the night
And we’ll kiss
‘till the morning’s sunlight
And we’ll kiss
make everything alright.

I hear your voice – it’s all I hear
Your voice chases all my fears
I see in your eyes a gentle breeze
Across the ocean seas.

I love you.
I love you.
I need you!
Oh baby can you see?
While through the night you held me so tight
Your love has captured me.

I’ve searched for love all through my life
Wishing and dreaming you’d come in the night
Now you’re here lying next to me
We’re making love, sailing out to sea.

I feel your touch – warm as the sun
Our life of love has just begun
Through the years we’ll come to know
Our love will never grow cold.


-TheMsLvh 1981 © copyright

poster source: Google image

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